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This is particularly useful when lining up targets. Rather than having to keep the whole chopper in line, the pilot only really needs to get close to the target.

Tricky to use at first, it soon becomes a cake walk. For there is no such thing as an unfair advantage in war.

Each of the missions and scenarios has a life of its own. If the player chooses to take no part, the battle will still be decided by the computer participants fighting each other.

Part of the strength and believability of Coala belongs to the internal dynamics of the battlefield and the artificial intelligence of the battlefields protagonists.

If desired, this artificial intelligence can be observed by choosing to view any of the planes, choppers, tanks, trucks, etc.

The beauty of the views is the ability to look all around the chosen vehicle in a full degree, three dimensional pan. This flexibility can also give the discerning player an insight into the tactics adopted by adversaries, so that more effective counter measures can be taken when going head-to-head.

No protection in Antarctic! Choose from any vehicle. Power- challenged Amigas like the and need a with 2Mb minimum to run Coala.

A owners will find that some Fast memory is desirable to avoid a jerky effect. Luckily, the programmers have included an option screen whereby features such as ground and object detail can be set high to low on a scale of 1 to Other processor- hungry cosmetics, such as horizon detail and viewing distance, are also customisable - so a standard vanilla A runs Coala satisfactorily, though not brilliantly.

The answer has to be yes, but with some reservations. The game, despite some excellent features, looks old-fashioned - no texture maps and a limited palette.

The terrain is flat - no mountains or hills to hide behind. Despite that, I would still buy Coala. You can create your own fully customisable "What if?

It makes intelligent use of the Amiga hardware and it enables you to pit your wits against the artificial intelligence routines of the programmers.

Hopefully, the commercial success that the game deserves will encourage the programmers to inject more cohesion and believability into the package for Coala 2.

O CtAUt This is your chopper. Gives a wider field of vision than the cockpit. Here a Western F15 takes out a Frogfoot with a sidewinder.

Transport trucks pass each other on the right-hand side. This Floggor is jusl about to flog Western A10 Warlhog.

Shooting civilians on the battlefield is a hazard. Knowing that reinforcements are on the way improves morale. Even for a flight sim. Sound 8 out of 10 Surprisingly good.

Addiction 8 out of 10 Surprisingly addictive. May flag after a couple of weeks, though. If paying by cheque please make payable to: Ill lit I US.

Newfl Stylus Colour lis t J Canon BjC e mono ntfh cap. DeskJet double mono HP. Detkjet double mono HP. Will Alien Breed 3D follow in its footsteps next month?

Still reigning supreme with the CD 32 faithful Good taste abounds. Fulfiling the cheap gaming maxim of "Crap does sell". Straight to number one upon release.

Top Budget 1 Indiana Doner. Formula 1 Team Manager is a unique simulation that gives you the chance to run your own Formula 1 racing team, and take on the likes of Lotus, Williams and Benetton.

To find out more call Ascon on and live that dream! He found it when he reviewed Breed 3D. This Christmas is going to witness the biggest fight the Amiga, Amiga owners, and Amiga developers have ever seen since the Amiga concept became reality.

That this fight could alter the course of home computing history is beyond question. A grave scenario indeed. And one that must never be allowed to happen.

It succeeded because it captured the imagination of the imaginative, the creative, and the visionary. It succeeded because it was the computer of the people.

And most of all, it succeeded because the people loved it. That it can fight back and again win its rightful position of prominence is going to be more difficult than ever before.

External forces with more money and bigger marketing budgets than you could throw a Third World country at will be out in full Stormtrooping jackbooted media imperialistic force.

Fight back But the Amiga can resist. Amiga owners talk to each other more than any other gaming fraternity. Sound 9 out of 10 Convincing, eerie, scary, and frightening.

Payability 9 out of 10 Balanced, poised, atmospheric, intuitive, fantastic. Overall verdict They said people bought PCs to play Doom.

People should buy A s in droves to play Alien Breed 3D. One of the finest Amiga games ever. Tell them how good Alien Breed 3D is.

Tell them what you like about it. But most of all, ask, plead, beg, grovel, implore and petition them not to leave the Amiga market. The market needs them to produce more games like Breed 3D.

The market needs more games like Breed 3D. For Breed 3D is quite simply one of the best games ever to appear on the Amiga, It exploits the AGA hardware, injects it with euphoric gameplay and, at the same time, radiantly displays the potential that lies in the heart of a well-coded A Be prepared to have your imagination captured as the game immerses you in the dangerously harsh world of the Breed and their foul brethren.

Feel the adrenaline invigorate your senses as you frantically switch between out-and-out fearless aggression and cringingly fearful, trembling paranoia.

Yes, Breed 3D does all that, plus "Pchoom Kchack" said the double-barrelled, pump-action shot gun as H killed a baddie. Put it down to the perfect balance of design, aesthetics, gameplay, intuitive control, involvement, consistency, internal dynamics and fun.

The layout of the sixteen levels is believable enough in an Alien kind of a way. There are no pointless dead ends. There are extremely atmospheric, submerged areas.

And, Doom-beatingly, the levels have different floor layers requiring the traversing of stairs, ramps, lifts and other obstacles to access them.

Frustratingly, though, there is no map to access. But, by way of compensation, changes in wall and floor textures in the various sections helps compartmentalise the levels and keep everything at a manageable, memorable level.

The choice is yours Married to the design of the levels is an intuitive control system, offering maximum flexibility and degree of choice: The joystick is okay, but wilts slightly in front of the might of the keyboard.

They often conceal caches of ammo, medi-krts, weapons, or all three. It can be difficult to spot them, but not impossible. First person perspective limits what you can see.

I Trading as carefully and as quietly as possible, you aim to take a quick peak round the corner. The monsters inhabiting the levels are various and present their own little problems in choosing the most efficient method of dispatching them.

They run about a bit, dodge, weave, and attack you at every opportunity. It means the difference between success and death.

The weapons sound wonderful when fired. Although the double barrelled shotgun acts as a pump action - quirky. A sounding success While on the subject of sound, it deserves a special mention.

It enhances and expands an already bristling atmosphere. A quick glance over the shoulder reveals skullduggerous plans afoot Turn round quickly and blast him.

To finish off, the way the game makes use of accelerator cards deserves a special mention see our enhanced gaming feature starting on page With an accelerator fitted, everything becomes silky smooth and can easily live with the Dooms and Marathons of the world.

Convince Team 17 that their plans to leave the Amiga market would be a tragedy for them and Amiga owners throughout the world.

Buy Breed 3D and convince them. Make Breed 3D the smash it thoroughly deserves to be. These features help maintain running speed. On an unexpanded it runs smoothly.

Busy Ledger 2 has several key areas as follows. This month, we pay homage to the man briefly and sift through the facts, mumbled half-lies and contentious Mafia-related conspiracy theories to bring you our deeply personal account on what we think happened, according the subject the reverential degree of sombreness and respect that it deserves.

So take time out from the previews Ubi Soft returning to the Amiga shocker! And who else could have possibly done it?

POW Like some sort of alien fl only the juiciest bits of world history. In days of old, we used lo call Oliver Reed. Oh, how we laughed. Football, golf, cricket and darts, I have played and enjoyed on the Amiga - but pinball?

To play all the other games involves some measure of organisation and effort both physical and financial - yes even darts , but pinball?

Now, I will readily admit that if you are three years old Thomas is aimed at age three upwards , you are unlikely to find yourself with a pound in your pocket in the centre of a large town with time to kill.

If you do, you are lost, or your parents have abandoned you. Find a policeman immediately. The only way a ball can be lost is if it manages lo go between the two flippers.

Lots of fun for, you know, kids. There are four tables Thomas, Percy, Dames and Toby , multi-player options and it all works reasonably well - the ball rolls towards the flippers, you hit it and it bounces around the table until it goes out.

However, there is an alternative. Have you thought about investing in a sturdy box, or crate? Choo and, indeed, choo. Sound 7 out of 10 Jaunty and lively.

Should please most kids. Addiction 6 out of 10 Mildly diverting in a soporific sort of way. Playability 7 out of 10 Mostly on the right track, but some of the shots are virtually impossible.

Overall verdict Hardly the ultimate pinball experience for kids, but pleasant enough nevertheless. Aminet 7 Aminet CD 7, doled August , con- tains more than 1 gigabyte uncom- pressed of software in thousands of archives.

The current edi- tion has a special focus on images. The 45 MB current edition has a special focus on 30 MB modules. Many modules are of a very MB high-quality and feature 8 voices.

There are only three tracks and the learning curve on those is incredibly steep, but at least there ore two high-powered cars.

Dropping in these two simple fellows would have improved the shebang considerably. They could still not, however, mask the fact that Virtual Karting is a game that the Amiga does not need.

Conveniently forgetting for the moment that there is a dearth of karting games on the market, I would suggest that any supporter of the racing genre will already have a game in their collection which is considerably better than this.

Good ol f F1GP. Unfortunately, though, the game looks better than it plays. Our picture grabber had all kinds of trouble with this game. Virtual Karting is fully texture mapped and this, it seems, is its USP that will be Unique Selling Point - and who left that damn marketing bible around.

Sadly, it really is not a wildly impressive visual experience. But this game offers no real feeling of speed.

You can watch a speedo in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen and see the old KPH steadily rising, but back in the hotseat you still fqel like a pedestrian, There are two ways you can view the races: The 2D option is a straight overhead perspective, while the 3D view has four slightly different angles.

So Virtual Karting is best played in the highest of the 3D views, where you can get a reasonable sensation of speed while at the same time traverse the bends with as much confidence as the rather difficult to get the hang of control method allows.

In the 2D mode, you can play half screen and the actions are hot pace-wise, though a magnifying glass would be a bonus. Back to the control method.

You sway this way and that, oversteering and bumping off course on to the texture mapped grass which slows you to snails pace. One would imagine karting around a Parisian park to be incredibly exhilarating.

So actually the mouse control is probably best. The programmer, Fabio Bizzetti possibly an Italian fellow is obviously dedicated to the Amiga, and the work on the graphics and pre-race fly-bys is tremendous, but Virtual Karting is a triumph of design over content.

Three courses and two cars cc and cc - with no championships or leagues to compete in. But, hey, the texture mapping, the frames per second.

Addiction 4 out of 10 Erm. Payability 5 out of 10 Dreadful method of control - easily remedied. Overall verdict Virtual Karting should be virtually carted off for a quick gameplay fit.

Jmrigei can De taved in? Release 2 5 software now infludw.. Now works with composite PAL. Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder.

Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. Use the image with your favourite word processor; DP or graphic package.

Steve McGill certainly knows his winners from his losers. Check out our regular page for which games to go for and which to avoid at all cost.

A game within a game, you battle through various game genres, blasting all and sundry. Trading is the best way to succeed - importing and exporting.

Oh, it sounds dull, but very few games attain the same high standards as those of Colonization. Normally, we at AF stash scores with abandon if the programmers fail to offer a two-player or link option, but this is so tidy, all is forgiven.

Sure, some of the holes are ridiculous, and it takes time to learn the ins and outs. But Steve Bradley liked it and he must be right, right?

Anyone in their right mind should avoid at all costs. It looks and plays absolutely horribly and should be made to suffer from mutually assured destruction.

So, from an advertising point of view. Subversion boasts hundreds of thousand of different combinations of play and ten levels of difficulty.

Poker games abound in the Public Domain and many of them are far superior to this, both in presentation and the style of Poker played.

Not even the crudely digititised graphics and speech can save it. The main character can change into any of ten creatures.

Also included is an editor and advanced editor to create your own dungeon scenarios, as well as that all-important link-option, enabling you to hunt down and kill your best friends.

It can be fast; it can be slow; it can be in between. Requires a bit of thought on the best way of overcoming seemingly insurmountable problems, but the ability to change into any one of ten creatures certainly helps.

It even includes a label printer, and keeps a log. There is also provision for VAT. Stores text, pictures, modules, samples, etc. All are AG A and rather good.

Excellent graphics He a director of a rich car company! Good quality Excellent Pacman! Archived lor HDonly Nice puzzle.. Careful, the tit tor is collapsing!

A Midi controller program Converts wicrd formats lo standard Prouucker formal Noleon. More features but is a demo version. Lots of programs for Internet users More useful programs for the nei Give yourself a very colour!

I Make your own diskmags P. Programming language with only 5 commands. Good llps 2 Great shareware word pro. Capt Scarlet, etc See our disc catalogue for more of everything!

ART H I jinpinj! Skeleton Krew, Skidmarks 2, and more. Man Uld, Naughty Ones. No clicking on Icons. For a full catalogue just send 3 x 25p stamps.

Includes a full list of Education Demos. Ihf I utt h UnrHunrih P. Kxtrrcm Old style piano ClatMi. Add 25p per disk iHistaee. Acid 50p per dusk. Games include Manic Miner.

Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit. Slnp Poker, Danger Mouse. U odium Atic Aiac Rrver raid, Barbanan. Hundreds of Adutt jokes.

Subjects include Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men. Trees, Reptiles, Insects, Xmas. Symbols Royalty Dinosaurs, Plants.

Medieval Military, Monsters, Music Sports football, golf. Transport, Trains, War and more. Virus killers, memory utilities. Emulators, Business applications including Wordprocessing database.

Subjects included are Babyton5. Deep Space 9 and Voyager Batman. Or Who Thundertxrds Robocop. This CD will keep you busy lor months"!

Thousands of toots games demo s. Samples, and toads more A! Anyway, superfluous nonsense aside. Subwar shows promise in simulation land in many ways.

Traditionally, submarine sims are a bit bland and boring due to the lack of visual stimulus. Until now, most of the work was achieved through interpretation of charts and sonar readings.

Microprose, being the smart chappies that they are, have played around with physics a bit, ignored the boring bits, where reality intrudes on the fun, and added some blatant unrealities to spice things up.

In Subwar you can see objects around you at any depth; a Head Up Display superimposes the thermal layers of the ocean depths on to the front of the screen.

As such, the game feels like a flight sim taking place under water Underwater lighting effects add to the 3D atmosphere There are two wing men and several submarine tactics to acquaint yourself with.

Prices Pock details may change without notice. Please allow 6 -working days for cheques to cleot. The Highway Code All you need to know.

Electronic Tram Set 1 meg Construct own tram set. El 93 E E States ot Europe Information on this continent. Communicate Learn how to use sign language.

Japanese Tutor 2 disks N Learning disk. The Internet A guide to the Internet.. Jigsaw 2 disks Match the Pieces into a Jigsaw.

Birthday History Gives details ot events on your birthday. Valentines and weddings — Bar Tender not 1. Ultimate Cheats not 1,3 — Hints and Cheats Database tor wine lovers Lockpic V2.

Cop the Lot Pro Updated lottery helper M Sequel to State of Art D All New Star Trek 2 drives. American Star Trek 2 dnves.

Adventure Solutions 2 disks Loads of hints ot commercial games Ad0l Iron Ctads 2 disks Graphic adventure Ad Glassoack II Very good platform game Ad Icerunner N Recom Bnlhant platform game.

Assassins Mangled Fenders. Amiga Boy Console games on Amiga! Addictive graphical platformer A51 1 The Krillian incident no!

Act of War Excellent strategy game Sim Rags to Riches Become a millionaire Sim Uitimated Due — — Pub-quiz clone Sim Amos Criket Owzat Soccer Cards Simplistic league-based game Super League Manager 2 Updated soccer management game The Ultimate Degrader U AGA Klondike 3 disks Excellent patience card game G Sueet-nghter clone Raketz V2.

Pleose I enclose coupon with your order. Or, better still, send it on a floppy disk. Thie, then, ig what playing Gloom is like.

It also looks really neat. Oh, and be sure to play with a CD 52 pad, switching to autofire at tricky moments. Like all of them.

Those with good sense will have prevailed from using it until they had picked up the invisibility bonus from the previous rooms. Use the scenery - all monsters will happily shoot at covering posts, without it occurring to them to move around to get you.

Never ever leave a level without finding the secret room. In Hell this is a life-saving trick. Curiously, Gothic Tombs is definitely the hardest.

Monsters The monsters in Gloom are of two types - those that bite and those that use guns. Space Marines potter left and right, turn and fire, and potter on.

Exploit this in the obvious fashion. Gloom is fond of putting these fellows in exit rooms; a caddish ploy. Hurrah, The monsters in Gloom are of two types - those that bite and those that use guns.

Back off and lire, fire, liro all Ihe lime. Beware, though, these chaps are fast, dangerous and travel in packs.

They had to get work from somewhere. The robots stand there and pour fire into you. Merely sidestep across their line of fire and shoot back. If they get in close, instantly sidestep.

In their blood-frenzy, they will continue attacking the spot you have just vacated for a vital picosecond. Whenever you throw a switch in the Gothic Tombs, you can be assured that new Raptors have been created.

Retrace your steps with care. Back away from a Ghost room, therefore, and wait in the corridor for them to emerge before you. A sort of super- marine, faster and more accurate than the vanilla variety.

It is highly inefficient, but immensely rewarding, to sprint into a room of them and then run, turn and sidestep continuously in a type of "Last Waltz of the Apocalypse".

If ambushed, flee backwards to draw them into single file. A floating, gnashing thing that sucks you in and holds you while it and its cohorts bite off your head.

Dam down the back key to hold your position and propel the gunfire of justice into it until it sees the error of its ways. Replaces the Raptors as the exit-ambushing monster of choice in the Hell levels.

Big, trigger- happy and startlingly purple, Demon Lords are, strangely, easy to beat. Get behind a post plenty are provided and peek out to take the occasional potshot.

If they outflank you, merely move around the post. Hey, we have to leave something of the game for you to play.

There are also booby-traps aplenty, including the gorgeously over-the-top spinning wall just follow it around - it can only hurt you by squashing you against the sides of the room and the sliding panther blocks.

These injure on contact and are evilly placed. Secret rooms Gloom plays largely fairly with its secret rooms. Look out for unique wall patterns, or very suspicious dead ends.

Secret doors can usually be spotted through differences in wall texture. These are entertaining games of mini-Defender that award an extra life when you complete a wave.

The Space Hulk machine is hidden in level 1. Circle the bonus and open the far wall. Power-ups A disappointing aspect of Gloom is that its appallingly powerful weapons Remember to be diligent about searching out secret rooms and power-ups.

Some denizens are just too powerful to take on without being tooled up. Keep a lab on the power of your weapons by looking at their colour. It could save a life.

The wave motion cannon For those who have sensibly invested in a CD 32 pad with autofire, here is a repulsively unbeatable firing technique. Position yourself at the head of the corridor, or in the mouth of the room, and switch on the autofire.

Now, by tapping the shoulder buttons you will jink left and right, sending an inverted sinewave of death into your enemies.

The carnage is almost unbearable. These, then, are suitable tips to aid you in making the world safe for democracy and Alien Breed 3D.

Should you find them unnecessary, perhaps you would be interested in a few challenges? Completing the whole of Gothic Tombs without losing a life, for example if you can just do the Raptor Pit without being killed, you are becoming attuned to your inner self, or something Or, just possibly, by playing the Deathmatch game.

The carnage is horrible. Steve McGill looks at a couple of re-released offerings. Here we go, here we go Which Is a bit slack, if you ask us.

Ideally played with at least three players, participants start the game by either bidding against each other, or taking turns at buying players.

As soon as each participant has fulfiled the minimum squad requirements, the game begins in earnest. Players are positioned in the squad and then sent out to play.

As it stands, there may be more than a few fanatics willing to buy this. Amiga Format readers should know better than to buy this, though. Even at this lower price.

For there is a huge swell of ground support for Tactical Manager and its sequel. Kompart play host to a huge-ish play by mail version of the game.

Fans swear by its attention to detail, its believable results, and its reams and reams of statistics. To jump from one section of the game, such as team selection to the finance section, can take anything from three to five clicks of the mouse.

ESC C does twt cancel Quote mode, as stated in the manual. Be sure you use the proper technique with all escape se- quences—first you press and release tJie tlSC key, and then you press the othei s.

If the final result is zero, the key is depressed, or in the column position. If the final result is , the. You can clear all tab stops by pressing and releasing the ESC key, then pressing and releasing Z.

You can restore the default tab stops by using ESC Y in the way described above. You can set or clear a tab stop by moving your cursor to the desired position and pressing CTRL-X or the shifted tab key.

Try changing the value of A. Matt Woodring Cordell, OK C Magic Boot — This program modifies any disk so that the , when turned on or reset in mode, will auto- matically run the first Basic program in its directory.

Here is how to cast the spell: Fonnat a disk, then save the Target Progiani as the first program on it. This becomes the Target Disk.

Just be sure the Target Program is tlie first one you save. Remove the Target Disk and replace it with one con- taining the Magic Boot program.

Load Magic Boot, but do not run it at this time. Put tlie Target Disk back into your drive; then run Magic Boot. The drive will spin, and your Target Disk will be converted.

Test the conversion by pressing the reset button. If all is well, the Target Program will automatically load and run.

Magic Bool should work on any Conunodore disk drive when used with the C in mode. The program works because, when the computer is turned on or reset in mode, it checks the disk for the let- ters "CBM" at the start of track 1, sector 0.

The accompanying program illustrates many of its features and is most instructive to work widt. It simulates a report for a simple checkbook program.

Try different letvglhs of input in the other areas, as well. Notice how the tmtput lines up on your screen and how it changes as your input changes.

The example demonstrates, among other thinp, how ytm can assign a variable name to a format, then use the format anjwhere else in the program.

You need a comma, like this: To activate the stop key while avoiding other errors, insert this before the Resume statement: If you pin your string variables inside paren dieses, your troubles should vanish like magic.

An- other good solution is to operate on the variables before using them. Any of these should work: And when it comes to programs, no one brings you a wider range of helpful projects and programs you can put to use immediately for education, home and business appli- cations, managing your home finances,.

Y to, I want to start saving and add to my computing enjoyment every month! The NOT operator inverts each bit in a binary number. For example, is inverted to Also, in a RND operation page 80 , only a nonnegative arguinent is a dummy.

Any positive argument returns the next element of the current pseudo-random sequence. A argument reseeds the random number generator from the jiffy clock.

A negative argument reseeds the generator using the value of the argument. Normally, a program seeds the generator once with a nonpositive argument and uses a positive argument thereafter.

Following are two examples that demonstrate how the random number generator operates. The first statement results in the same sequence each time it is run: Traveling disk drives— Your or , like any disk drive, is sensitive to movement.

First and foremost, insert into the drive an old disk or the cardboard head protector that came with the drive and close the door.

This will protect the fragile head alignment. Then, place the drive in its original box with the styrofoam packing, or surround it with styrofoam "pop- corn" in another box.

If you move the drive often, you could build a special padded carrying case for it. Just get one with a phono input connector that matches the plug on the serial audio output wire, and plug it in.

Jon Medek JonMedek, an assistant producer far Electronic Arts, is particularly interested in the music syntliesis and editing potential of computers.

To redefine the keys, enter the following statements in immediate mode or add them near the end of the boot program: S Super Cycle S Scenery Disks 6 Pack Spy vs.

Desk Pak , Font Pack ,. Centipede Dig Dug Jungle Hunt.. Wallace has written software for both the C-! He is the co-author of Ultra Ht-Res Graphics.

A bizarre dude — To get C Basic programs up and running faster, use the following format for ihe Save statement: To rename an existing DUDE file, type in: He currently programs on a C and an Amiga, Easy ellipses— R.

The trigonometric calculations are performed only once, outside the drawing loop. It draws a polygon with a Tdegree change in direction at each vertex.

Because the sides of the polygon are so short and each angle so large, the result appears as a rough ellipse. The shape of the ellipse is determined by the horizontal and vertical radii xr and yr, respectively , so by varying tliese values, you can make the curve appear more — or less — circular.

INT funciion to calculate them. However, because INT converts negative as well as positive fractions to tlic next lower integer for instance, - 1.

The following subroutine corrects this problem, making negative and positive values round to the nearest integer, which is what you normally need: Bjornsen, appealed to me to modify the program to work on Commodore computers.

So, I converted it to run flawlessly on any model Commodore. What sets this sorter apart from others is that you, not the computer, assign the priorities to the items within a list.

You can use the program to quickly establish a hierarchy of items whose names contain any combination of characters, numbers and graphics symbols.

The program instantly displays how many times you gave a selected item priority over another. The only problem is that if the disk to be copied was formatted on one of certain third- party disk drives, your might not be able to read it.

To perform this feat, load a document into RUN Script 2. Then enter a period followed by a space and press return. Finally, place the cursor at the Ijeginningof the document, hold down the F2 key and watch what happens!

The space after tlie period prevents the program from detecting decimal points within numbers. Of course, for this trick to work, you must insert a space at the end of a paragraph between the period and the return.

Now totally up- dated with more than features and options! Great for creating adven- ture games! Such information can also be helpful with the mortgage you have, by revealing how much the loan is really costing you and liow you might be able to save on it.

Loan Analysis will tell you everything you need lo know con- cerning the payments, interest rate and repayment period on a mort- gage.

It will also provide a nionihby- month amortization schedule for the life of the loan, which, in addition to the items mentioned above, will in- clude your cumulative in teres i, cu- mulative equity and a breakdown of your montlily payments into interest and principal portions.

Ac the end of every year, the program will calcu- late the amount of interest you paid, which is important for tax purposes, and the amount of equity you built up for that year.

Loan Analysis will work on any fully amortized loan for which inter- est is calculated on the remaining bal- ance. This covers just about all loans diat are eurrendy offered by llnancial institutions.

Enter these figures when the program asks for them, being sure not to include any com- mas. Then a display will appear that includes the loan amount, interest rate, monthly payment and total cost of the loan over its life span.

These calculations are done in Fast mode. Then tlie program will ask if you want to see an amortization table. For tliis example, press Y.

The screen will clear and an amortization table for the first 12 months of the loan will be cal- culated and dis] layed.

Note that, for quite a few years, the interest portion of the payment greatly exceeds the eq- uity portion. Loan Analysis 1 28 is designed to be used with an column RGB monitor or a 40column monitor with one of the special cables being offered by third-party vendors.

A Money Saver You might want to use the amorti- zaUon table to determine how to re- pay your loan sooner. Make out a check for that payment as usual, then check the amortisation table to sec wiial the equity portion of payment number 6 is.

Make out a separate check in that amount, and print on the back of the check, "To be used toward principal only.

Imh Amljsis progrm. Some have you enter the first letter of the option, such as P for print, S for search or Q for quit. Others number the options and ask you to enter the number of your choice.

For most Basic programmers, these two methods liavc become stand- bys. A sliglnly more sophisticated ap- proach uses a joystick- or mouse-con- trolled arrow to point to the option, but this approach has to be written in inachine language to make the arrow travel snioothly and quickly around the screen.

A third method, possible to code in Basic with utily a litde more effort than the letter and number systems, is the moving highlight. Wlien the higlilight covers the option you want, you press the return key to send execution to that routine.

Altliough the moving-highlight method requires as many or more keystrokes for making a selection as Uic first-letter method, it turns out tc be faster especially for non typists , because you always press the same key to make a choice.

Another advan- tage of this approach is that it gives programs a polished, professional appearance. As the menu is initially dis- played, the first option on the left appears in reverse lettering, and the rest are in normal lettering.

This makes the first option look high- lighted. What actually happens when the highlight "appears" to move is that the two options involved are rewrit- ten—die one that was originally in reverse lettering is rewritten in nor- mal lettering, and vice versa.

Because the rewriting happens so quickly, it looks like the highlight changes po- sition. To make the whole sy. Again, if it does, the options are re- written and execution goes to the ap- propriate routine.

If it is, execution branches to that part of the program named in the menu option that was highlighted when you pressed return.

Thus, the program ignores all keystrokes other than cursor-right, cursor-left and return. An advantage to using multi- ple Get routines is diat they enable you to hold down the cursor keys and rap- idly cycle thrtmgh the various menu choices in either direction.

Pull-Down Menus You can create pull-down sub- menus by defining a small screen win- dow in the area directly below a main- menu choice, then listing the options in a column within the window.

To sec an example of a pull-down menu, select option 4 in the main menu of the demonstration program. The code for this submenu resides in lines of the lisdng.

In- stead of getting a keystroke and check- ing to see if it was a cursor key, you check the status of the reserved vari- able— JO Y l orJOY 2 , depending on which port the joystick is using.

A value of 3 means the stick has been moved to the right, and a value of 7 indicates a move to the left. A value of or higher means the fire- button — which has the same function as the return key — has been pressed.

If you wanted to allow botli keyboard and Joystick selection, you certainly could combine both methods. BoK Jersey Shore. Free shippBirig on prepaid cash orders witnin the continenlat U.

A C Mouso. Comp Science Kit 15 75 N-Filc 10 2 49 Fl. Filo25Lock 10 95 Fl. NFilo50 Mini 10 95 Fl. As a profrramming challenge, I also avoided the Peeks and Pokes I normally use.

Then a screen ap- pears, displaying two windows and the progiam instructions. Press a number on the numeric keypad. To clear the window, press the F5 key.

If you make a mistake entering a number, hit the F5 key and then Listing 1. As the right window Fdls with figures, they scroll vertically out of the window, with the most recent entries remain- ing in view.

To total a column of figures, press the return key after the last entry. To multiply two numbers, press the Fl key after the first entry, then the re- turn key after the second.

The sequence for divi- sion is similar, except you press F3 in- stead of Fl. The program retains the result of an operation to use in the next.

How did 1 like the new Basic 7. I was really impressed. It could use mul- tiple memory keys and a percent key, for instance. The second was an instant sell-out.

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All indexed and organized by topic! Applications for the home user. Programming aids, and more. For both C and C owners. Put their savvy to work for you!

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Instant access to valuable programming information. US funds drawn on US bank. Orders will begin shipping in December.

Send mail order with payment to: This disk drive is fully compati- ble with the Commodore 64" computer and direclly replaces the Commodore Disk Drive.

The Department of Labor estimates that computer service jobs will actuafly double in the next ten years-a faster growth rate than for any other occupation.

Total systems training No computer stands alone. And if you want to learn to service and repair computers, you have to understand computer systems. The Computer has two operating speeds: Read detailed descriptions of each lesson, each experiment you perform.

So, I wrote Label Copy to fill llie gap. Label Copy will print up to five lines on a label for a specified num- ber of ] rints. Printing some test labels will get the text alignment right.

If you say every- thing is okay, the labels will begin printing with the current label num- ber displayed on the screen.

Vou can save your label text on disk if you intend to reuse it. When the prompt appears for a "save name," use a short one that will remind you of the text.

You can use a save name only once. Label Copy includes defaults for some of the text parameters. To cus- tomize the program to your own needs, you can easily change these defaults by changing the poked char- acters.

For example, line 50 pokes screen location widi 14 if you type N for no instructions. A 25 would mean Y for yes. Label Copy could be itsed for much more than return adtlress labels.

Some other applications might in- clude name tags, owner tags for lug- gage, books or record albums and ID tags for appliances.

All you need is a screwdriver and about an liourot your time. Noknowletfgeot electronics is necessary. Search function finds lost programs quickly.

Gel your wares organized. Ihij ecJven- tufe providfri whoreaome Tun for adventurers o1 all ages. Haunted House, and more Cherry BanEe Ground, Wa.

PS Speed-Script Utilizer The Utiliier works along with your copy ot the popular word processor, Speedscrlpt The Utilizer allows you to print multiple copies of your documents unattended.

This program will work with any word processor that has sequential hie op- tions. Excellent sound and text rewards.

Allows vocabulary words with detj- nitions A fast action game that takes only minutes to play but requires perfection in Spelling.

POKE , 8: All prices discounled lor cnsh or check. Vi par 10a, IWeit Coeit - add am per order. Reduced shipping far large quantitfaa.

A team of experienced users and programmers examined GKO. I andy sizes, too. Envelope Maker is a Basic program that uses your primer to create envel- o[ es in a con [lie of common size.

It takes regular After the printer is done, you cut on the dotted lines, fold and fas- ten with ia e or a hit of glue. The procedure is fast and easy, the envel- opes are professional looking and your postman will love them.

To use Envelope Maker, type in the program in ListiiTg 1 and save it he- fore you run it. The progiam expects four lines of return address, but I used only three, so the last Data state- ment specifies an empty string.

Next, the program asks if you want to use the defatdt return address. If you respond Y, for yes, F. If you answer N, it asks for up to four lines of return addiess, one line at a time.

To skip part of an address, press the return key when the prompt for that line appears. Now you mtisl enter the address of the person lo whom you arc sending the letter.

Type in the address line. If you enter Y, the lines will be centered in rela- tion to each other. Border inkvfeii 25 22 Graph Gillerla-Ollp Inkwell?

All products will be shipped immediately Add S2. In either case, the address is iouhle spaced. Creating an Envelope Willi the foiniiUling clone, make sure ilie pajjcr in your printer is set ai the top of a new page and press any key to print the envelope.

When output is complete, F. If yovi answer Y, the progi am will loop back to prompt for more address lines. If you answer N, the program will etui.

If you want to change either of these parameters, answer N and run the program again. To assemble the envelope, cut along the outside lines, then fold along the inside lines.

First foki in the little side flaps, then fold up the hot- loni. Fasten with glue or lape I use a ghie stick, available at most oftice sup- ply stores.

Finally, insert your letter and fold and fasten the main Ilap. Cttstomized Input Routine As an extra beiietlt.

Envelope Mak- er contains a short machine language subroutine you can include in your own programs. Because of the second excep- tion, it inputs a value for only one string variable at a time.

To use the subroutine, your pro- gram must first poke it into memory. Envelope Maker does this in lines and You shouki include these lines in your own program, along with the Data statements numbered through 7.

Envelope Maker pokes ihe subrou- tine into RAM starling at location 49 1 52, but you can move it anywhere you like by changing the value as- signed to the variable SUli on line The subroutine is invoked with a SYS statement ibai also specifies the name of the variable to be input.

Now, where on earth are those stamps? Get help with your subscription by calling our new toll free number: If possible, please have your mailing laliel in from of you as we!

The appearance of the opening displays can will or lose an audience. You can easily adapt the menu to any program you might develop.

These two pro- grams are designed to go at the begin- ning of your program listing. I set u] Master Menus fora maximum of seven menu choices, to he selected hy keys 1 In line , insert a ;i4characier message — perhaps instructions for choosing from the menu — that will scroll continuously across the screen.

The periods in the lines indicate where to enter the characters. Lines hold the instruc- tions for branching to. Change diese locations to match your program.

Next, type in and save Master Menus Listing 2. Add Master Menus to your pro- grams. Your opening menus should then be winners! S bMlTii Listing 1.

GOTO1 34 5: Remember those mysterious sounding coded tone signals that baffled you? Our short-wave listener cartridge, the "SWL", will bring that data from your radio right to the video screen.

ISSfE c From p. I discovered that this is the only combi- nation that produces an error menage when listed. The other letter i of the dpha- bet produce Basic keywords.

Have I discov- ered some secret code, or is there some mundane explanation? Normally, Basic knows when a partic- ular value is a keyword and when ii is a keystroke, but inside a RKM statement, it forgets.

As for the usefulness of the effect, you could also use it as a secret code that could only be read after lyping it into a REM statement and listing it.

Haio can I make my printer print what I type onto ihe screen? Here is a simple routine to make your ccmiputer plus printer act like a typewriter and send everytbiiig you type to both your printer and the screen.

To quit, press the key, 10 OPEN. Do you know of wnv wny to get some- thing printed with both upper- ami lower- ra.

To output text o a Conunodnre serial bus printer, such as the 1. I have been unable to determine hmo — or if it is even possible — lo print out the run of a program on my Commodore printer.

Hmmm, the is a disk drive. We can do it both ways. This is one of tliose rare times when theCMD comniantl is es.

To dump a program rini to paper. Start the program this way: GOTO where line is the first line in the program. When you are done, type: While your program is running, what- ever would normally go to the screen will now go instead to the device spec- ified in the Open statement for file 4— in this ca.

One of its lesser- known effects is to turn olf any cur- rent CMD command and halt dumps to a printer. The diar- acters are the left and right haces.

How can 1 locate this symbol on my keyboard? Lake Tahoe, CA A: When you see them, notice lie words between the braces, hisiead of the braces, press the key named between them.

Rather, when you reach that spot in the line, press the key labeled CLR. If your computer is in Graphics mode, as it is when first turned on, the result will look like a heart within a box.

Many printers are not able to prop- erly print the braces, but if yours can, you can print out both the left and right braces as foHows: Invari- ably, though, I have to triake corrections, and when I list the lines, they appear unab- breviated.

Have I scrubbed the abbrevia- tiom by listing at id editing? Although keyword ab- breviations are quite handy, they have almost nothing to do with the amount of memory used by Basic statements.

In this form, each Basic keyword requires only one character space in memory. However, since full words arc needed when you list the program, the List command expands tokens in the listing itself into equiv- alent Basic words, without altering the program in memory.

Between lines 57 and 58 of a program I typed, there is a lirie It is out of sequence, ami I cannot delete it. Hotv can I get this line out of the prograttt?

Rather, it is part of the line before it in the listing. If you list the preceding line 57 in your case , your spurious line 32 will also appear.

To get rid of it, edit oi retype the preceding line I can think of two common causes for this problem. First, many new pro- grammers forget to press the icturn key after correcting a Basic program line on the screen.

Until you press re- turn on that line, tlie correction will not become part of your program. Another common cause h a pro- gi-am that accepts all kcy.

Even if your printer can back up one space, it can- not erase characters it has already printed. In tliis case, the solution is to modify the Get loop used to accept input data in your program.

Use with data cassette included , or with terminal programi software, available at computer stores. Cedit card cuslonwra can order by phone, 24 hours 3 day.

Phono L- Sign Here. S5 lor each plus S3. Similarly, to use it on drive 1 of a dual disk drive, cliange the in line to a 1. Orcasionaliy, when I attempt to formal a disk on my , my disk drive cranks for a minute or so and then the red light comes on, indicating an error.

When I attempt to format the disk again, the drive sometimes produces the same error and sometimes fonnats the disk properly. Do you know wny this occur.

Frank Cox Kindersley, Sask. If a second try also fails, I would return the disk for a replace- ment the disks I use are guaranteed for life.

Use a bulk eraser a big inag- net on the disk and then try to format it one more time. Friends who do this claim it often works. It does, however, save a file through my luord pro- cessor or from tny tennimd program.

That hilled the theory I originally tuul — that my head is out of alignment. What could it be and what can be done about it?

When you juess the return key, the disk drive motor should start up and run lor a short time. When it stops, lotjk at the front of the disk drive.

To be sure, start out by limiting your filenames to the 26 letters of the alphabet Q: I have a Cf and 1 54! You saved your program to disk after running it.

I suggest you never save a program to disk after running it. To be sure, list again. Then save the program before trying to run it.

My drive will load, Imt will not save, programs, Somethitig may be out of alignmmt, because shortly before this, the write-protect tab on a disk came loose in tlie drive; it had to be pulled out and offered some resistance.

Does this seem likely to be the cause? Yes, a write-protect tab caught in the drive can indeed cause the drive to load but not. The writeproteci sensor in the is op- tical triggered by the breaking of a beam of light by an opaque object.

Any opaejue object trapped within the path of that beam will prevent the drive from saving programs. As for correcting this situation, the first thing to try would!

Use it to blow any dust or other foreign materials out of the write-protect sensor, which is located at the left end of the disk slot.

If diis fails to correct the problem, you or a dealer may have to disassem- ble the drive and pick any remaining debris out of the sensor.

This is a mat- ter of removing about a half dozen screws, so you might iie able lo handle it yourself if you are mechanically inclined and your is out of warranty.

If, however, anything has been moved out of position or broken in the mechani. But unless something is broken or other work is needed, the time re- quired should be minimal.

After typing in a program, f saved it to my disk, then loaded and ran it. Later, 1 wrote another one. It, too, loaded and ran all right. When I lueni back to load the first program, I got the second instead.

The problem often arises when a disk has been used for a while, con- tains some programs, and at least one program has been scratched. The red error light flashes and you know you have a problem.

Your files have become cross- linked. The only sure cure is to copy the entire disk to a freshly formatted disk, copying tine file at a time, rather than using a disk backup program.

For future reference, the proper way to get rid of such improperly saved files is w-ith the disk Validate command known as Uie Collect command on thePlusMandC-lf.

TurboPower offers free technical support. The package features example application sources to be used as skele- tons for new programs.

Abrax- as Software offers a day money-back guarantee. Borland Green Hill Rd. Or try the Analog Edge" with two-way, switchable buttons.

Most of the companies with major language products have support areas where you can ask questions about specific products. Washington Sl Rockville MD voice modem If you have a GEnie account, you can check out the popular programming areas listed below.

To get to these areas, either type the keyword and press the Enter key or type m followed by the page number and the Enter key.

Most book- stores carry these or comparable titles. Box 90, Carmel, IN ; ; Here are several magazines that ca- ter especially to programmers and programming issues.

Box Hightstown, NJ Dr. No complex maneu- vers on the keyboard to call up your information. Just pop-up menus that make it easy to start using Arriba the day you load it on your computer, "Arriba is a strong and flexible package, one that just may meet your information-manage- ment needs head-on.

Arriba helps you manage people, tasks, and events. Organize your thoughts, ideas, notes, schedules and contacts into cohesive action plans.

Cross reference names and phone numbers to task lists, task lists to project folders, project folders to status reports, and more. If you can remember any part of any note, Arriba can find it.

Available ihrough finir dealers naiionwide. Amtajs-a—Tidcmark of Good Software Corp. However, Moriey Matters automates much of the entry process, saving you from much of the drudgery of old-style debit and credit posting.

While the program is easy to use, you may need help learning some unfamil- iar accounting concepts and terms.

For instance, good will, accrued SUTA, accumulated amortization, eq- uity, and retained earnings are some of the terms that sent me scurrying for an accounting text.

You can set up and maintain fi- nancial records for up to 99 compa- nies with the program. You can also create your own. You can change, add.

Working your way through the menus and submenus is a snap. A tine at the bottom of the screen tells you what your next action should be.

Context-sensitive online help is avail- able with the press of the Fl key. You can track up to different accounts with this program, which should be sufficient for even the larg- est home business.

You distribute in- come and expenses for each business by writing checks and receipts. Each entry can be distributed among up to 20 accounts.

For instance, a crcdit- You can set up SuperTrack cards to help keep track of individual project costs. Then the gas station ex- pense could go into the account called Automobile Expense.

The check-entry screen is similar to a regu- lar checkbook. You enter the date, payee, check number, amount, and a memo on a check window at the bot- tom of the screen.

The upper half of the screen shows checks you have en- tered. On the right arc two columns, each displaying an account number and name.

These arc the accounts where you distribute your expenses. You can scroll through all of the ac- counts using the arrow keys.

A unique feature is. Just place the expense in , then go back later and redistribute it. When you enter a check. Money Matters subtracts the check amount from your bank account and adds it to the distribution account.

Your updat- ed bank or credit-card account bal- ance is then displayed. You enter income as receipts. Entering check and receipt infor- mation goes quickly.

Money Matters beeps to reassure you that you have entered the information correctly. When 1 wrote a check to my mortgage company, the account name read Mortgages-Current matur.

I was unsure what that abbreviation stood for. These cards hold name, address, and year-to-datc balances on up to customers or vendors.

Several other timesavers offer shortcuts for finding and entering data. The feature that really sets Mon- ey Mailers apart from other financial- tracking software is SuperTrack.

SuperTrack lets you customize Money Mailers to fit the unique aspects of your business. You can track costs, commissions, labor, inventory, or any number of other business-related re- cords with this feature.

Best of all, you can add infor- mation to SuperTrack cards with a few simple keystrokes at the same time that you record checks or receipts, Suppose part of your income comes from rental units.

For example, create one card foradvenising, one for cleaning, and so on. As you record your bank deposit of total rents received, you can pull up the cards for individual units and track how much money is received from each unit.

When you write a check for cleaning services, pull up the card for the unit you had cleaned and record the expenditure.

The SuperTrack card will keep a run- ning tally for each unit. This allows you to track how much it costs to rent each unit, SuperTrack can handle many tasks.

You can define up to three card types per business. You might create a card definition for inventory, one for job costing, and one for business tax- es.

You can store up to individ- ual cards of each type. You can tally dollar amounts: You can print detailed reports of your transactions to the screen or printer.

These reports can cover the current month, the entire year, or a specified range of dates. You can enter and print invoices at any time.

Money Mailers provides three types of invoice forms: The default is inventory. The invoice func- tion automatically calculates sales tax, payment-due dates, and discounts.

Money Mailers allows you to set up two different printers for printing checks and receipts. For example, you could use a dot-matrix printer for printing checks and a laser printer for invoices.

Print options allow you to choose whether to print return ad- dresses or memo lines on your checks and to print the distribution amount on your check stub.

You can print checks and invoices one at a lime or in batches. When printing checks, Money Mailers prints the date, check number, amount, payee, and memo on the check stub.

Where do you get checks? The precheckwriting report screen tells you to phone your local Safeguard forms distributor, who offers a full line of forms guaranteed to be com- patible with Money Mailers.

I would like to have seen a sample check with the stub attached included in the package, to make sure the checks were right for my business.

There are two manuals: The pages are chock-full of care- fully worded information, including a detailed index and clear screen pic- tures.

The layout is attractive. Almost all the questions that I had were an- swered by the manuals. After you register the package, your first call for help is free.

After that however, you must either buy a service contract called The Works or go for the A la Carte option and pay for individual calls.

A la Carte is charged on a per-call ba- sis: Xritd to call the A la Carte line with a technical question, we reached an answering machine that stated that we would have to wait two days for a return call due to the high volume of tech-support questions.

Your enhanced night-vision reveals your glowing jets, jnemy is ignoraftt opyour approach. CA a44 j"3jlBM, Tandif ind cmnpafiljles 5. There were many reasons for this, not the least of which was that there were few useful commercial programs at the time.

Al- most all of the early com- puters came with one common piece of software: In fact, it took the Macin- tosh to break the spell; the first Macs were packaged with a word processor and a graphics program!

Apparently Apple thought people wanted to use computers as productivity tools, not just as Tinkertoys for the mind.

How- ever, even the Mac now comes with its own programming environment, HyperCard. The fact is that personal com- puter users, for the most part, like to tinker with their machines.

Unlike fixed-purpose computers, such as ded- icated word processors, the program- mable computer has the power to be adapted to do almost anything you want.

It all boils down to the natural desire we have to become masters of our environment. This was made clear in a big way when VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program, originally appeared on the Apple II.

Within a very short period of time, people who had never seen a financial report before were playing whai-if games with cor- porate and household budgets.

Their ability to create their own spreadsheet analyses gave them power. This power came from a blend of two different skills: Yes, the design and con- struction of a spreadsheet is computer programming.

One would be hard-pressed to find a way to create a spreadsheet that worked like an arcade game, for example. Over the years, many people have tried to find a universal meta- phor that could be used as the basis for a more general programming lan- guage.

Unlike spreadsheets whose problem domains are restricted and unlike tra- ditional languages whose syntax re- quires a new way of thinking.

HyperCard applications present the user with a collection of possible actions that can be taken at any given time. A menu item can be selected, a button can be pressed, text can be entered in a field, the cursor can be moved with the mouse, and so on.

Depending on the action chosen by the user the stimulus , the computer produces a response, such as a text presentation, an animated sequence, or the printing of a document.

Unlike traditional languages whose pro- grams are written in one body of code, HyperCard programs are attached to the objects themselves.

In other words, a button may contain a script instructing the computer to dial a telephone. Whenever this button is pressed, the computer will dial a num- ber.

You would start by making a list of all possible user actions, such as pressing keys on the keyboard or clicking a mouse button.

If an action was detected, the computer would use a subroutine to perform the desired task and then re- turn control to this master loop that would be constantly on the lookout fornew user inputs.

This rough structure for pro- grams works as well for the design of a videogame as it does for the creation ofa word processor.

River combat, where an enemy ambush lurks around any bend, up any canyon or by any bridge. Uncoil twin M60 machine guns and grenade launchers on renegade Viet Cong, Panamanian rebels and the murderous Colombian drug cartel.

Polygon-fill aiiimation and bit-map graphics immerse you in the steamy reality of 3 swel- tering combat zones. Twenty mis- sions lie ahead, in countries where the mortar fire is as thick as mosquitoes.

Visit your favor- ite retailer or call The best in entertainment software. But whether you use a laptop or simply throw your desk- top computer into the back of the car, it pays to plan ahead.

Before you hit the road, call your insurance company. Are missed wages and consequential losses covered if your software is damaged or lost?

But watch out— the premiums can be ex- tremely high if you want to protect the value of the data or presentation.

The most important rule of traveling with your computer is to keep it with you at all times. Like all valuables, it should be kept on your per- son.

The moisture from the dew could cause a short circuit the next time you turn your computer on. One simple trick has saved more than one computer from being lost forever.

Ail the Right Moves When you pack your system, be sure to use a good heavy-duty carrying case. Most laptop computers are built into their own carrying case, but an additional layer of protection is important in case your computer encounters rough handling.

As a general rule, soft cases are designed for specific computers and have just enough room for your computer and a few accessories.

On the other hand, soft cases are relatively easy to carry over your shoulder and will fit under most air- line seats. Hard cases usually have more room than soft cases and arc useful for shipping or for trade shows, where your computer will be carried by baggage handlers.

Whichever type you choose, the case should be relatively plain and nondescript — thai means no fancy logos or designer name labels. Eye- catching bags attract attention and potential theft.

Rather than take along a full set of manuals, you can take along the cheat sheets that came with your soft- ware. You might even purchase a set of second- party cheat sheets if none were included with your programs.

In addition to your critical programs and data disks, you should also bring along a couple of utility programs including file- maintenance, disk-optimizer, and disk-repair programs , just in case.

Small modems are about the same size as your mouse and use very little power and suit- case space. A modem can also double as a substi- tute printer.

Fax machines have spread across the world even faster than computers, and virtually every hotel and business has a fax machine with a ded- icated phone line.

You can create your document, save it on your floppy, and upload it to your on- line service. Check ahead of time to see which kind of printer will be available at your destination.

If you plan to use a laser printer, check to see that your software is compatible. Instead of disconnecting your printer cable Pack Your Bags This fs a rough list of the items I keep ready for unexpiected trips.

You should adjust the list to suit your own requirements. Not only will you not have to disconnect your printer cable each time you travel, but a ribbon cable is lighter and smaller than a normal printer cable.

X Marks the Spot If you travel by plane, allow extra time for the airport security guards to hand-search your com- puter. Do not let your system be x-rayed.

The magnetic coils in the transmitting tube could also erase your floppy disks. This may involve crawling on the floor to reach an electrical outlet and extra lime if there are a lot of people waiting.

The December Pan Am flight from London to New York was destroyed by a bomb disguised as a large radio, and security pre- cautions have since become more stringent.

For a while, there was a proposal to eliminate all carry-on electronic components, but the FAA backed down because of the large number of lap- top computers used by travehng business people.

The fear that interference from a computer might send a plane off course was addressed by Ameri- can Airlines. It tested dozens of computers, cal- culators, dictating machines, and even radio- controlled toy cars and determined that none of them interfered with their onboard systems.

During the critical takeoff and landing periods, your computer must be put away, along with the rest of your carry-on lug- gage, for additional safety.

It wins the cost-effective award. MoneyCounts is CPA designed, easy-to-use, menu-driven with on-line help, and requires no accounting experience.

Yau can even export directly to lotm T, or Quattro. Over , users have decided in favor of MoneyCounts! Order today and see for yourself!

S or ii hard disk. Works with all prinfeis and moniluts. Tjrtdy t ,ir[i artd Compaq Cimipulcr C! If you look around, you can usually find a modular phone jack or at least a place where you can hook into the phone Hne.

If you remove the screws, you should see either a modular jack or a set of four screws with color- coded wires. There are a variety of commercially available modular jack adapter kits for the four- screw terminal block, but I prefer a homemade adapter consisting of two alligator clips attached to a modular phone cord.

Just connect the green wire from your modular cord to the green screw and the red wire to the red screw. Most hotels, especially the newer ones, have modular phone jacks.

Local access numbers for timesharing services such as Telenet and Tym- net will also be different. If you have to change the phone numbers of your telecommunications program, be sure to write down your old num- bers and put them in a safe place so you can reset them after your trip.

Time Machine Another travel problem that most users forget about is the effect of time-zone changes on their computers. Your system clock is still accurate — but only for your home location, not your desti- nation.

When you save a file to disk, your oper- ating system records the time, but that time could be off an hour or more.

When you get back home, you should reset your clock for the right time zone and reset your dialing macros for the proper dialing prefixes and phone numbers.

E Philip Chien is a Titusville, Florida, computer writer with more than 1 2 years of experience with personal computers, Sixteen Under Ten: Laptops Go on a Diet Each year, laptop computers become smaller and lighter.

Watertown, CT Irvine Blvd. These files can be dumped to the printer, but I prefer reading them onscreen. I now use the MORE pipe com- mand, which pauses on each screenful of text.

For example, suppose you want to display a file called READ-. You can use this trick to read any text file one screen at a time.

Some programs that come on multi- ple K disks will run much smooth- er with a hard drive. However, if the files take up fewer than three full K fioppies, you can often copy them onto a 1.

The problem is, how do you get the files onto the 1. Repeat this for the second and third floppies. If all of the program disks fit on one floppy, you can generally run the program hy following the instructions for hard disk usage.

Just substitute any references to drive C: You can also use this technique to re- duce the number of floppies on your desk: Just copy two or three different programs onto one 1.

Ranging in function from disk buffers to mini word processors, TSRs can make your day-to-day PC work a lot easier. I know — I load tons of them in mv.

The problem is, all of those utilities eat memory. Every once in a while I want to run a program that runs best with, or even demands, almost K free.

This worked fine, but it seemed silly to be booting my hard disk system with a slower floppy drive. Then I hit upon a better solution.

Why not store a set of minimal star- tup files on my hard disk and toggle between them with a batch file? First, create a file called AUT SYS containing only absolutely essential device drivers.

Now load up your favorite text editor and create the following batch file. Now, when you need to use a memory- hungry application, just type SWITCH and reboot after the batch file finishes execution.

Your PC will use the minimal startup files, and most of your memory will be avail- able for your application.

NC Do you have advice that makes a PC more productive? Feed- back— PC Primer, P. Greensboro, North Carolina Study ttie practical hints and tips for flying the simulator and performing ground-attack and air-to-air tactics.

You get complete instructions for creatirig more than a dozen spreadsheets, inducing income statements.

Ob costing, tax planning, balance sheets, and accounts-receivable aging. Ybu 11 even learn to wnte a business plan, Although written specilically for Lolus 12 3 reteases 2.

Each game description includes a screen siTOt; bask; information sucTi as tvpe of game, number of players, and controller type: From letters and reports to novels and term papers, PC SpeedScript handles all your word processing needs.

Topics include directories, files, disk commands, screen and printer output, and more, lis the only MS-DOS book that employs a truly task-oriented approach.

First Choice business users Automate Office chores with a complete range of business models: This offer expires July 31, All orders must be paid In U.

Please allow vveeks for delivery. I first saw Harpoon in Even in its early stages, the game stood out. This one would go farther and do more than any other war game on the market.

Then the wait began. Harpoon seemed to be one of those great almost products: The promise was im- mediately evident: Here were the warships, air- craft, and weapons sys- tems used in modern naval warfare in the North Atlantic Theater.

Harpoon combines a menu-driven interface, a huge database of information, and a geo- graphically proscribed but environmentally rich uni- verse.

The combination is powerful and delivers an intense and sophisticated gaming experience. For all of its won- ders, Harpoon may have disappointed its initial purchasers.

Some problems emerged upon loading the game. Even on a SX machine, Harpoon takes lime to start up. Cycling through the various setup screens is likewise time- consuming, not so much because of the choices that you must make, but because Harpoon processes slowly.

Put simply, the early version of the game that I examined and this was not a beta copy, this was ready-to- sell software was buggy.

To its credit, Three-Sixty began addressing the problems almost im- mediately. I received update disks that corrected some of the more fatal errors; subsequent disks eliminated even the small bugs.

The company has put a plan in place to update cus- tomers and provide replacement disks containing some bonus features to make up for the inconvenience.

You can play the simpler sce- narios in a few hours. Larger scenari- os, representing the sorts of battles on which wars can turn, can take ten or more hours.

Time, in fact, becomes a third player in the game, affecting your de- cisions and altering their conse- quences. Time-compression utilities give you several options, from 1: A time- remaining bar adds a sense of urgency to each scenario, yet its hours and minutes tick by at irregular, unpre- dictable intervals.

You must set courses, order elec- tronic sensors to be turned on and off, post airborne pickets, establish vessel speed and depth for submarines — any one of which can be crucial when the shooting starts.

Issuing these orders is simple, but learning how the various ships and systems work best together is much more complex. The data is for the most part clearly writ- ten, with enough detail to make your command more clTcctive.

The database interface makes study simpler. The material makes fascinating reading. Harpoon demands a mouse. AM, I put together a special boot disk, stripping out every- thing except system files and a mouse driver.

Gameplay itself is stately; Using time compression to shrink long voy- ages, I found myself captivated by the progress of my ships toward their as- signed destinations.

The voyages take place in interesting, dangerous waters. The scenarios included are set in the Norwegian Sea. Small forces can hide among the fjords, dart- ing out to wreak damage on unsus- pecting enemy vessels.

Submarines can play hide-and-seek with surface fleets. Some of the scenarios involve amphibious, as well as naval and air.

The scenarios themselves are ranked in order of complexity, al- though the least complicated are not necessarily the easiest.

The simplest scenarios pit small groups of vessels against each other. The most complex involve doz- ens of craft and require you to make hundreds of decisions.

Harpoon uses several windows. The Group Map is the largest item on- screen. This is the strategic map, where you position your forces and is- sue orders.

The Unit Map is useful for tactical planning and closeup views of your forces. Forces can be depicted on the screen in graphic representations or by actual NATO icons.

Either way, the game looks good in EGA. Simi- larly, the game all but requires a and a hard disk. Cycling through your combat forces, examining and changing or- ders, regrouping or retreating is, up to a point, as simple as clicking a mouse button and entering the appropriate commands.

Nor, to be honest, are you likely to win often. Screens can be reconfigured to show latitude and lon- gitude. You can configure and alter combined air and sea formations.

Strategy can be changed quickly, al- though, since this is a realistic game, the results of your new orders will not immediately become evident.

The stately progression of your strategy is subject to any number of external factors. Weather can change, mechanical breakdowns can occur.

And the enemy can find you. Combat itself takes several forms. Air-to-air combat, for example, is not shown in closeup, as are confronta- tions involving ships.

Rather, small explosions, accompanied by messages reporting the results, tell the aerial war story. Al- locating and deallocating firepower is easily accomplished: Clear, well- designed ordnance screens give you your choice of weapon and your choice of target if more than one is available.

Make your decision and launch the weapons. For example, having committed four torpedoes in an attack on a sub- marine, you can track the progress of the fish toward their target.

When they reach their destination, cutaway animation takes over, showing the tar- get ship and its deadly pursuers.

You may find yourself gripping the edge of the table during the final seconds before the torps make contact — or miss their target. An updated manual has been promised.

There is some good reading in- cluded with Harpoon. Larry Bond contributes a thorough essay on naval tactics, with special emphasis on how those tactics are recreated in Harpoon.

Tom Clancy offers a brief, fascinating glimpse into the workings of an actual Soviet warship. For the effort and imagination that went into the contents of the game, Three-Sixty deserves credit.

CA j: Portugese is a clear, grace- ful language, just as Eng- lish is. That happens in computer trans- lations, loo — you know, when a pro- gram that was a hit on the Mac gets translated to the IBM format, or an arcade game gets implemented for the Apple II.

Last month I got my hands on translations of five games that I had first learned to play on a different computer. I just want to point out some of the woes — and ad- vantages — of translation.

The game developers made up for that by offering the IBM version with several new landscapes — the WUd West, an alien planet, a computer world, and a totally indescribable landscape — that made it feel like a whole new game.

On the Amiga, Solitaire Royale Spectrum HoloByte allows you to pick up a card and drag it to its new location; on the IBM, you can only mouse your way to the card, click on it, then mouse the cursor to the new location, and click again.

It still works fine — it was an alternate interface on the Amiga, too— but just a bit of the spark is gone. But if programmers translating from.

Amiga to IBM have to grit their teeth as they watch their game de- grade a bit, games moving the other way can improve — if anyone cares to make the effort.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Koei certainly got enhanced sound, and it looks and plays beautifully on the Amiga.

In fact, it seems complete- ly unchanged from the IBM version — and yet I wish it had been changed. A typical sequence might re- quire you to type 3.

After you play long enough, some of these typing sequences become second nature — as if you had become a macro generator yourself, pro- grammed to type the same number se- quence over and over.

Ail of this typing could easily have been elimi- nated because Romance of the Three Kingdoms absolutely cries out to be a mouse-driven game.

Bandit Kings of Ancient China. But that all-keyboard IBM interface re- mains unchanged. One translation that came through with flying colors was Qix Taito on the Amiga.

Instead of the sohd colors I knew from the Atari and the original arcade versions, the captured areas fill with an interesting pattern and the title screens and back- ground music are gorgeous, as Amiga users have come to expect.

But even here, the interface goes a bit weird. When you move without the joystick button pressed on the Atari version, you do quick draws; when you press the button, you do a slow draw.

There just had to be a better solution; I wish they had used it. But my hat is off to the translators — and their publishers — who make the effort and pay the bucks to make a game play the best way it can on each different machine.

I just hope I can do as well in translating Portuguese to English. MANN ave you noticed that the software section in your favorite computer store is looking more and more like the shelves of your local video store?

Superman, and dozens of other popular movie titles. Why are developers so eager to tic into pop- ular movies? How well do these games sell?

Mintlscape spokeswoman Lisa Petrison says the competition was especially in- tense lor this title, a slock-car-racing movie star- ring Tom Cruise.

The ideal properly for us is one ihal can start as an arcade g;nne. It usually takes a Top Ten or Lop Five movie to be a successful computer game.

The second shows the same scene trans- formed for the action game, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Though developers would love to release iheir games at the same time as the movies, the closest any have come recently was Lucasfilm Games, which released the Indiana Jones game only six weeks after the movie last summer.

The best anyone else has done is a delay of about three months, which often puts the game out just as the videocasselte is being released.

You have to do everything simultaneously and then worry about continuity. Doing film-based products is really similar to the way they do the films themselves.

Initially, all game developers have to work from is the script. Studio relationships vary, but most developers eventually see stills from the early shooting.

Althougli they attend any prcscreen- ings, they have little contact with the actual mov- ie production. This presents a unique challenge for the artists who draw the backgrounds for the game scenes.

Unlike an arcade-action game, an adventure game has to closely follow the movie script, Noah Falstein of Lucasfilm Games, the project leader on the Indiana Jones and the Last Cru- sade advcnlurt game, experienced a lot of anxi- ety over script changes.

Concerning some earlier script changes, Fal- stein says, "There were a number of things we put into the game that ended up not being in the movie.

We view that as an advantage. People who play the game get to see stuff that George Lucas intended to put into the movie that was cut for various reasons.

That adds to the fun of it. It was to be an actual fight between the two of them from their ships. The Paramount people would never let us say they were actually fighting each other.

So the way we got around it was to use a battle simulator in- side the Enterprise, which was acceptable. It was a clever way to have a fight sequence without going against the persona of Star Trek and peace and all those good things they try so hard to buildup.

In their non-Hollywood games, they have a free hand to design the games to match their own creative vision. With movie properties, it lakes a different kind of creativity to design a boffo game while staying within the confines of the script.



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